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*Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023


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The kiwi propaganda machine would have you believe Lockie Ferguson is better than Haris Rauf :laugh:


Cricketer Of The Year
You can say that, but there's a reason he averages 21-22@160 with the bat in t20I. Teams clearly don't get it right all the time. Neeshaw's issue is that he's averaging 29 @ 9 an over, which isn't good enough to be a 5th bowler, so NZ have to fit him in the top 6. If NZ had somoene who could act as a 5th bowler and bat top 6 he'de be great, but very few sides have that luxury.
Last 15 innings: 6, 5, 6*, 17, 26, 5, 6, 0, 16*, 0, 0 19, 0, 15, 1. Average of 10, strike rate not much over 100 or so. During that time, 21 overs (bowling little more than 1 over a match) going at 9.14.

NZC's issue is that they continue to pick a guy with no future in international cricket, who doesn't have a national contract (I thought we had a rule with that?) and isn't performing. I argue he'd be great under no circumstances, because he's an erratic bowler we don't trust enough to bowl, and he's one a trick pony who wipes to the leg side as his only scoring option.

I guess it's partly frustration with him, as a guy who came into international cricket, scored tons in his first two Tests and made it look simple...now at 32, where you'd hope he'd be coming into his prime, he's an also-ran. He was wonderful at the 2019 World Cup but other than that, has gone nowhere near fulfilling his potential.


Cricketer Of The Year
So I guess I'm the only one recording all these T20s and watching them in full, then? :laugh:

No complaints about this series from me - except I would have really loved us to pick a more interesting and youthful squad for it.

Pakistan completely outplayed us in that first game, kudos to them. But the Henry hat-trick was glorious.
Yeah, to be fair a lot of the issue (for me, anyway) is the squad/team picked. It's very hard to get in behind watching Rachin Ravindra bat 7 when his T20 record is awful and he is completely unsuited to the format/that role. Then there's guys like Latham who also isn't a T20 opener (a 4-5 at a push in sub-continent conditions) Will Young shouldn't be playing this format, Neesham is yesterday's man, then there's a few guys (Bowes, Lister, McConchie) that you'd not back to be of much value to NZ going forward.

The only real interest to me is the Big Beautiful Ship and the continued growth of Matt Henry as an international bowler. Don't mind seeing Chapman score runs, too.


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The Ship is never awful, just some days he's less good. Remember that next time, please. Or I'll be going full Will Smith 'take his name out yo mouth' styles.
Young looked terrible again too. Both are worse cricketers than Michael Bracewell. ?

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
2nd match in progress in less than 24 hours
Pakistan 99/0
104/4* >
192/4 (20)

Rizwan 50, Ayub 0, Zaman 0, Babar in his 100th T20I on 101 not out ( 3rd T20I hundred)

Henry 2 wkts. A wkt each Rachin Ravindra & Neesham

Nz 154/7 (20)

Bowes 26, Latham 19, Chapman 65 not out ( A wkt each Zaman/ Wasim & Shadab, while Rauf 4/0/27/4 wkts

Pakistan won by
38 runs Lead series 2/0

Babar MOTM

29th International Hundred

M. Rauf took 8 wkts in the series so far