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*Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023


International Regular
The new ball has done a bit in these 3 games and you need skill to hit the Pakistani pacemen off their lengths. Maybe Mitchell and/or Ravindra should move up.

But NZ should really get Chapman into the ODI squad now, he’s the one player to have hit the ground running and be properly switched on in all games so far.
Are you saying he isn't in the squad for the 5 ODIs?

ashley bach

International Captain
That's really annoying tbh that Chapman is replaced for the ODI series.
Would of thought it was the perfect series to give him a go given how much he's been pissed around in recent times.
FFS the guy averages 52 in seven matches and has to sweat just to get a chance.


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This is great from Chapman. Now comes the test of Zaman's character. Curious how he comes back from that in the last over.