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***Official*** Pakistan in Zimbabwe


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Well I am not sure how much you follow Pakistan's cricket but in case you didn't realize, the problem is not with the bowling but with the batting hence my criticism was directed at the batsmen. I brought up Ajmal and Khan because both of these players have repeatedly talked about their aspirations and goals and how much they want to prove themselves at the highest level. I haven't heard Ali or Rehman express similar sentiments, but maybe they do without expressing them. which is fair enough.
The failure of Shafiq and Azhar Ali is simply a case of lack of hard work and dedication. I can say this positively because I have not seen any improvement or changes in their skill set since they started and I have seen them quite closely since they made their debuts, in the case of Shafiq earlier than that.
A cricketer at this level has to work constantly to upgrade their skill set or else you will be left behind..so many players who failed to upgrade were left out in the cold, Gautam Gambhir, Michael Slater, Morgan, Sehwag come to mind.
Both Shafiq and Ali had demonstrated some level of skill and temperament when they started which is why they made it this far but unfortunately, with their failure to work on their flaws and develop their game, the opposition has caught up with them. And if you are not working hard enough to develop your game, then your aspirations are not as high as an international athlete's should be.
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I'm just going to quote this again and if you don't understand and accept that it was an unfair comment then I cbf.

the players barring Younis, Misbah, Ajmal and perhaps Junaid Khan are definitely more interested in the T20 leagues around the world


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Sorry Your Majesty
I beg your forgiveness,
I missed two words "most of" in that sentence. The sentence should not mean to suggest most of the players barring Younis, Misbah, Junaid and Ajmal,
Please also note mind that this does include players in the current squad plus players who have been in the last few squads to West Indies, Champions Trophy, South Africa etc and the post was a criticism of not just the current test match but Pakistan team's performance over the last 2 years
I apologise once again for this gross error on my part and if this reckless error caused any hurt or offence.
I will make sure all my written communication with you in the near future are proof read by my editor and checked for any legal repercussion by my solicitor.
I hope that that the defamation caused to the glowing reputations of Rehman and Ali by my senseless and reckless post does not cause them to sue me.


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played the first two test in SA, scored a good 40 odd in the second dig of the first game but was otherwise poor, looks to be the new Saeed Anwar
heart Anwar.

Great player.

Really, Jamshed has a lot of potential. Should at least be in the squad IMO.


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Yes its true that Jamshed failed badly in South Africa and has some technical flaws however considering the opportunities that were given to crap players like Hafeez and Farhat, surely he could have been given a longer go?


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Jamshed definitely deserved a longer run. For gods sake, I'd say 95% of the batsmen today would have had a poor series considering the conditions and how Steyn and Philander were bowling. And to drop him on the basis of ODI performances is just brain dead, yet it's something which happens way too often. Hope he doesn't turn into Pakistan's Rohit Sharma... He's suffered the same treatment for years