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'Official' Pakistan in West Indies


Hall of Fame Member
Sammy looks like he's going for a stroll down the beach when he bowls. Unless this hits a crack the size of my dick I can't see a wicket coming

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
It's Misbah's 7th 50 in 8 matches. What a great player he has been for Pakistan. And Holding said that he was a flat track bully. We should win the game from here.


International Debutant
Misbah is already 37.

How long will his career last?I thought it was done the last time he was dumped from the side.



Global Moderator
Have been saying Ujmar Akmal is ATG potential from the 2009 NZ series and made posts on it pre-England iirc. :cool:

He can make things look ridiculously easy. A deadset prick though, undoubtedly.


International Debutant
Now Salman will take over Misbah's slug role.And Umar will go about business as usual.

Pakistan to win it with 2 wickets.


Global Moderator
Haha, The cricket gods seem to have set up a perfect scenario for Umar to play a career-defining innings.


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I think Cevno's comments about the technical defect in Salman's forward defense were spot on.