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****Official****Pakistan in South Africa


The Tiger King
excellent work?

dude, this wicket is flatter than a pancake. You just wait and see how South Africa beat the **** out of the pak bowlers


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Would've bit your hand off for 338, hell anything over 200 I would've taken!!! Great effort by Pak considering the previous test. They have a decent enough total to work with now.


International Coach
Competitive score especially after being 33/4 keeps us in the game even if we concede 400 though target should be getting them around 300.

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
If they play in UAE during the same season as England did then yeah Philander will be difficult, but any other period like RSA did previously then complete flat pitches with no swing.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Top bowling by Philander. He is really taking large steps towards filling Glen McGrath's shoes. Hope to see him continue this way. Wonderful shape on the ball. Lethal inswinger as well.

The worst moment of today's commentary was when the commentator referred to Philander's mother as his wife. For a moment, I started to wonder if she had once been a hot cougar :p
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