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****Official****Pakistan in South Africa


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Pakistan will play better in the limited overs, I feel Pak will do better being more positive and aggressive.

But finally our first white wash in 14 years.
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So thoughts on Hafeez? He should never open the batting again on an overseas non SC tours again imo. That said he pretty much had the toughest job in world cricket atm, opening the batting against Steyn and Philander at home.


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Very happy for South Africa - Mission accomplished. Can't believe we are No 1 in the world and managed to hold on to it!! Where are the chokers of old? :ph34r:

As far as Hafeez is concerned - he looks like coming down with his bat diagonally when he plays a shot. When you do that and you are a trifle late an inside edge is always on the cards. Smith is another candidate doing that - and boy did he have a lean spell because of it at times. Can't blame Hafeez to much for being late to Steyn first ball of an innings. What is worrying is that he believes there is nothing wrong with his technique (can't find the article right now). If he thinks there isn't a problem he will not work to get it straightened out. Now - that is an issue ....

Will be interesting to see what SA do in the UAE. It's just such a let down playing there. Sure hope we'll can go back to playing in Lahore and all those other filled to the brim stadions soon.

On a different note - I see Afridi is recalled for the 1 dayers - thoughts?


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Thank you Pakistan. Just thank you. Normally you look at the performance of other teams without the emotion when watching your own. But some how I feel disgusted with Pakistan's batting and sorry for their fans. Your batsmen are just gutless gutless gutless and are basically parading Pakistan as nude on the world stage. Just slink off now. And btw, thanks for turning another SA pace man into a hero. Couldn't have been a more disastrous tour if they tried...and they didn't.
Too harsh

However, whilst I dont believe that they didnt try, they were horrible

On the other hand, SA were very good