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****Official****Pakistan in South Africa


U19 12th Man
Yeah, work needs to be done but he has the skills needed. Moves the ball both way and has speed. Control will come.
Lol, I'm not saying he isn't any good mate, and won't improve, i'm just saying it is one of the worst five-fors I have seen a long time. Not sure who it was he got out the one wicket, but the ball before was a wide, and the ball after the actual wicket went to slip.


International Vice-Captain
That catch was bloddy fabulous. He has pulled off some stunners in this series.
Probably along with Clarke the best slippers in the world today.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Voice is seriously deep.

Don't think Smith will enforce the follow-on. Both he and Virus could do with some runs.

Pak have gone fishing.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Currently the 22nd best figures on debut in tests. 1 more wicket for not many and Kyle will go 9th, replacing Dominic Cork.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
He bowled well, swung the ball but not as late as Steyn or Rory was but unlike those guys found the edge. Decent pace as well.

And LOL @ Hafeez. What a series. :laugh: