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*Official* Pakistan in CWLand

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
Another good win there, nice to get some runs in me first innings as well. Nice stuff from Hoy and the spinners as well, hopefully Goff won't be missed too badly in the next three matches.


International Debutant
I know a few games have been played since the Green slaughter of Pakistan but I have been off-line for a couple of days. I thought it was about time that should thank everyone for the kind words regarding my knock. I am still amazed that I did so well and your support means a great deal to me.

Thanks once again boys!!

Megan :wub:

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Pakistan 3rd ODI XI

Imran Farhat
Shahid Afridi
Shoaib Malik
Mohammad Yousuf
Inzamam-ul-Haq (c)
Younis Khan (wk)
Asim Kamal
Yasir Arafat
Shoaib Akhtar
Ifitkhar Anjum
Arshad Khan

12th Man: Mohammad Hafeez

Mohammad Yousuf returns to add strength to a struggling Pakistani middle order.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I Markus
LA Camps
RJ Dauth
MW DeSilva
MJ Robbins
SE Fuller
A Crampton (wk)
TC Halsey
NS Hoy
DJ Watt
NS Pickup (c)

12th Man: NL Patrick

Sean Fuller is the only change to the CW XI squad for the third ODI, as he has been drafted in for the injured captain Brendan Goff. Fuller is expected to play the role of a batting allrounder, playing from the number 6 spot.


Cricketer Of The Year
Pretty strong side, hahaha, injuries have given me the #3 spot :laugh:

Let's continue the winning tradition boys.


International Captain
Borcich unlucky not to be selected in the opening batsman role, tbh.
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Eyes not spreadsheets
Time to step up and fill the gap created by the skipper's absense.

Interesting to see myself above a better batsman in Fuller, but will try and repay the faith.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Massive honour to become the sixth (Hingston, Verghese, Goff, Cloete, Twyman) player to captain the XI. Sure to have an even greater adrenaline rush than usual when I pull that number 11 shirt over my head and lead the boys out on to the field for the game. I've even read both lines of the Andrew Cloete guide to dealing with defeat as preparation.



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Neil Pickup said:
I've even read both lines of the Andrew Cloete guide to dealing with defeat as preparation.
Not expecting to last long in the job?