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***Official*** Pakistan in Bangladesh 2021 (T20Is and Tests)


State Captain
Dont know whats Saif, known as ball eater and specialist test batsman in the circuit doing in t20 team. Disaster
I missed his batting, but with a test average of 11 against quality opposition it's pretty pointless trying to develop him I'd say.

And LOL, I see Mirpur has its own ground announcer now. I suppose we'll just have to live with this as a trend.


State Captain
Although his Cricinfo profile suggests he made his name as a strokeplayer in Dhaka league?


State Captain
This short pitch bowling on this slow as **** deck is beyond ridiculous. Either bowl it head high, or avoid bowling short altogether.


State Captain
Gah. I've changed my mind. Getting a kid like Biplob to bowl his first over in the 20th over is a blunder and a half from Mahmudullah.

Nevertheless, they've batted well. There was some seriously good clouts in those last few overs from Nawaz and Shadab and they've won it comfortably from a pretty awkward position.


International Coach
I don’t know if Saif had any sort of decent innings in his career and you are throwing him in t20s. Pretty sure it was Khaled Mahmud durjon’s decision. Next you are picking Aminul Biplob (as specialist bowler) which is fine but not giving him a single over in the whole innings ?!

Bad luck that I did not get to witness any of the things that I wanted to see live :

1) Babar Azam proper cover drives
2) Shaheen Afridi bowling
3) A BD win


The Tiger King
damn it, so Hasan Ali is going to boss this series and end up getting picked for the T20 WC in Aus in 10 months time to ruin our campaign again :@