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*Official* Pakistan in Australia 2019


Whatever it takes!!!
He equalled the record in that SL match but didn't break it.

Yeah, also I think Warney got his 600th wicket maybe in Chennai, not exactly the record. My memory is failing me, cannot recollect if it was the record or 600th wicket that he got there.

EDIT: He did go past Murali at Chennai, with the wicket of Irfan Pathan. 533rd wicket. Thanks Google.
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If day 3 had have had as much rain as expected, or even more rain, the match would have finished with less than a session left if the batting went exactly the same. And this was after the follow on was enforced.

Now think if even one or two more batsmen had have hit a half century. Pakistan might have scraped out a draw if Paine didn't declare when he did. It's only with the benefit of hindsight that one can say Warner should have gone for the record.

Think about how selfish you would have to be to score 400 in a (rain affected) draw when you could have won.


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I don't think there would've been a result in that Antigua test, but the general consensus was that innings became pointless and I remember even journalists remarking that it probably won't ever be broken because of that.


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I know they’re only highlight packages I’m watching atm, but fmd Yasir Shah bowled utter ****ing **** this tour. Not even first grade standard stuff.


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All the complaining about the crowds on day 4 of the utter thrashing look a bit silly when AB Field sells out for the WBBL final.