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***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17


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Yes but Australia were fairly shocking. They may as well have been blackwashed. The point is you cannot just not host teams or strip them of their status because they're going through a piss poor spell. You have to allow teams to be bad so to speak. Unfortunately it can lead to a dull series for the spectator but that is how things are.
Why don't we call it brownwashed when India sweeps a series

The Battlers Prince

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Bowled a short wide one and a half volley and both were punished.

I'm assuming The People's Captain is savings Forkers because if it gets close at the end you want to throw the ball to people like him


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Lol. Reminds me of that game where Australia need like two or thre to win off the last over and Bruce Reid played and missed at five in a row while Mo Mathews was left stranded at the other end.


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we're only minutes away from vic alluding to disharmony between glen maxwell and tpc. hope he lets out more this time tbh


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good win pakistan, but a big loss for the cricketing fan: afridi would have been called back if they lost this one


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Nice win for Pakistan, shame though that worthless limited overs hack Shafiq has wormed his way back into the side though, this looks like Younis Khan all over again, and when you consider the damage he did to Pakistan, that is very concerning.