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***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17


International Debutant
Tempted to pick a fight with the missus so she'll send me to the couch to sleep. Don't have the sports channels in the bedroom.


U19 Captain
Lyon got one to fizz but it was hardly THAT much spin, Aslam played it all wrong.

But the openers have done their job and gotten through any possible early pace and swing. Not much in the pitch. If the Pak batsmen can't score here there's a serious problem. Just need to keep their heads and play for singles, rotate the strike and hit the inevitable bad ball.

Also, I Smith should get Starc in for a rapid, 3 over spell against Azam.


Hall of Fame Member
Lyon got one to fizz but it was hardly THAT much spin, Aslam played it all wrong.

Not giving him the credit eh.

Good spin bowlers, especially the GOATs will expose **** batsmen. Thankfully Lyon has done it all tour so far. Aslam should go back to scrubsville tbh, dire batsman.


Hall of Fame Member
Fascinating if slow session for both runs and the over rate. I think that the pitch is quite friendly though and Pakistan will be selling themselves short if they don't get 400. We've got to get reverse and Lyon needs a few more.

There's a rain band approaching although I don't know how much we'll get if anything.


Y no Afghanistan flag
I'm getting annoyed with the slow batting talk. Australia are still yet to bowl 30 overs - There is nothing wrong with 2.5 an over to start a Test. Give Australia credit for bowling tidily, but they aren't exactly making the batsman play at every delivery.