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*Official* New Zealand in Sri Lanka 2012


International Captain
Urgh bedtime I think.

Nice little spell from Milne, good to see him getting the ball to move around a little bit.


International Coach
Pace has taken the first four wickets. Sri Lanka just took 12 off a NMac over. Sri Lanka historically **** spin up.

Let's give Nicol a bowl!!111!

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
So on a pitch that has a fair bit in it for the seamers, Nicol comes on to bowl at 80/4. Ellis and Franklin twiddling their thumbs. He'll probably take one now but it seems extremely daft; I would've had Ellis or Franklin on before Nathan McCullum, even.


International Coach
What the **** I thought he (Nicol) was just been used as an end-changer or something. Please make me eat humble pie, fluke a wicket.


Hall of Fame Member
Stroke of good fortune there, those two were really starting to look settled. Time to bring Southee or Boult back.

straw man

International Coach
Ha, clearly remember that. Was anti-McMillan at the time - he'd been pretty rubbish for a while iirc but had a privileged place in both the test and ODI sides (despite abysmal ODI record). Was even more anti-McMillan after he batted like this vs Warne.

Edit: Just looked it up and that was McMillan's second to last test.Can't believe that's already 7 years ago :blink:

Haha, and here's cricketweb for that series: http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/cricket-chat/11617-official-new-zealand-v-australia-180.html. Good post by Ed:

127/8. Oh dear.
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thierry henry

International Captain
It's certainly ugly but I think his arm, although bent, doesn't straighten much. And if he is chucking it he could at least do us the service of chucking it at 140ks
I've slowly come to that conclusion as well, but jeez it looks awful. Can't believe no-one in an official capacity has mentioned it. I recall Simon Doull once mentioning Ellis' action in a very unsubtle manner during a domestic game.