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***Official New Zealand in India Nov-Dec 2021 Thread***


First Class Debutant
To me it seems suss if they bring in Mitchell at 3 when he was only a replacement to begin with and wasn't even the squad, surely Phillips is ahead - even if he is not as good with the bat.

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Also India, get a ****in climate. For a change.

Anyone found a traffic cam from near the ground yet so we can see the weather?


U19 Captain
Even if he plays today, I reckon Kane’s elbow is threatening to become something like Martin Crowe’s knees. Those knees blighted Crowe’s career once he hit 30, reduced his batting output to that of a mere mortal, and ended his playing days at age 33. If there is a surgical fix available, I hope Kane takes it sooner rather than later.

ashley bach

International Captain
I assume Lord Colin will play this home summer anyway, probably his last season?
I'm a big fan of Colin and he's been a good player for NZ.
but his time in test cricket is over, we certainly have at least enough players to cover him,
while he can bat and bowl, he's not good enough in either department to force a place.