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**Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015


Hall of Fame Member
Bracewell at 7, oof. That could go badly, but tbf he looks pretty decent with the bat these days.

And extending the Engine Room isn't necessarily the worst idea for an NZ team.


Hall of Fame Member
Last Plunket season Bracewell made 450 @ 37.50, and he's batted as high as 6 for CD. He's #notterrible.

That said, I'd have taken Santner ahead of Craig if that was their plan, but hey, McHesson are loyal. Can't fault them on that.
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straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Jesus Christ, McCullum. Learn how to toss.
Seriously though, 1-0 down, pitch slower on the first day and great for batting before quickening to very-fast, likely to crack towards the end and we have a spinner who is hopeless except for the fourth innings. It's usually an advantage to bat first in Australia but this sounds like a massive advantage.

Time for McCullum to send someone else out to do the toss.


International Vice-Captain
don't like bracewell @7 at all, wouldve left out craig and brought in santner and relied on he and kane making up the overs

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Yeah but Bracewell wants to compete with Neesham and Anderson for the allrounder spot remember...

I don't hate leaving Craig at 8 at least. Though when we lost the toss Craig should have developed a terrible injury and been replaced by a batsman.


Pitch looks like a highway. Aussie are on for another big score.

I have a feeling doug at 7 with permission to do whatever he likes will work better than doug blocking for the team.

By which I mean 30 (25)