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*** Official New Zealand Domestic Season Thread 2010/11 ***


U19 Vice-Captain
Just thought I'd start this thread now because I needed to share this news -

Cricket: Auckland sign Myburgh - Cricket - NZ Herald News :clap:

That story also reports that Styris is going back to ND. Win some, lose some.
Greg Todd's moving to Auckland too, plus Andre 'double bouncer' Adams is filling the overseas spot.

Burtt's a decent signing for Welly, they could use a bit of extra pace and aggro in their seam stocks. Hopefully this means they won't need to turn to hacks like Chan this season.

Styris -> ND
Myburgh -> Aucks
Todd -> Aucks
van Wyk -> CD
Burtt -> Welly
Young -> Cant


U19 Vice-Captain
Absolutely. Just have to hope he stays injury-free.
Heh, Burtt does have a tendency to injure himself in bizarre ways, like that time he broke his foot stepping on a beer bottle.

Just this year, playing club cricket in Scotland, he managed to pull a hammy, ingrow a toenail, tear his achilles tendon and crack his nose misfielding, which also left a black eye :wacko:


International Captain
Yeah Burtt's a good signing if he can stay on the park, history shows us though that the chances of that happening are very slim. Wellington are a mess at the moment though, I really don't think they have a clue on how to move forward. I read something at the end of last season about all the apparent infighting that was going on and how certain people weren't happy about certain selections, younger players were just getting ago for the sake of it without actually performing at club level, stuff like that. It will be very interesting to see how they fair this season.

Northern and Auckland are looking like the early favourites for mine.


International 12th Man
How far away are the domestic contract lists? Canterbury might look a little weak.


U19 Vice-Captain
McMillan having a hit this year?
He was pretty crap last year, but he has been playing club T20 in the UK so he still seems keen to have a hit around and draw down a pay check.

Otago's batting is looking a bit thin on the ground so far with the loss of Todd.
Looks like Darren Broom could pick up a contract, he was immense in club cricket last season and would form a decent middle order with Neil.
It would also be good to see the young guns like Michael Bracewell or Hamish Rutherford get a run in the team too.


International Captain
New Zealand Cricket - Major Associations announce the first round of domestic contracts for 2010-11

Cricket's six Major Associations today announced the names of those players offered first round domestic contracts for the coming season.

The contracting process for domestic players will - for the first time - involve two rounds. Each Major Association can offer 9-11 contracts at their discretion in the first round and then complete the process to their full contingent of 12 players with second round contracts being offered on August 24
Auckland Aces
Michael Bates
Andrew De Boorder
Colin De Grandhomme
Roneel Hira
Anaru Kitchen
Johann Myburgh
Jimmy Neesham
Jeet Raval
Lance Shaw
Bhupinder Singh
Greg Todd

Canterbury Wizards
Corey Anderson
Todd Astle
Hamish Bennett
Dean Brownlie
Andrew Ellis
Peter Fulton
Rob Nicol
Michael Papps
Richard Sherlock
Shanan Stewart
Reece Young

Central Stags
Doug Bracewell
Brendon Diamanti
Jamie How
Peter Ingram
Michael Mason
Mitchell McClenaghan
Tarun Nethula
Brad Patton
Mathew Sinclair
Kruger van Wyk
Tim Weston

Northern Knights
Graeme Aldridge
Jono Boult
Trent Boult
Anton Devcich
Daniel Flynn
James Marshall
Peter McGlashan
Michael Parlane
Bradley Scott
Brad Wilson
Joseph Yovich

Wellington Firebirds
Josh Brodie
Dewayne Bowden
Matthew Bell
Leighton Burtt
James Franklin
Mark Gillespie
Cameron Merchant
Neal Parlane
Joe Austin-Smellie
Luke Woodcock

Otago Volts
Nick Beard
Neil Broom
Anthony Bullick
Ian Butler
Craig Cumming
Derek De Boorder
Shaun Haig
Warren McSkimming
Aaron Redmond
Neil Wagner
Sam Wells


Cricketer Of The Year
Excellent to see Jimmy in the Auckland squad - no Nethula amongst the Auckland contracts is interesting though, as is the inclusion Richard Sherlock in the Canterbury squad.


Shot Jimmeh


Central have a spinner, Central have a spinner, Central have a spinner.

...To play at Napier...


International Captain
Hmmm, I didn't think Worker would pick up a contract this season. Rightfully so might I add. They've still got to announce one more contract so hopefully it's someone decent and not a Ewen Thompson like clone in Seth Rance. Or Kieran Noema Barnett, that would probably be worse.


Seth Rance is pretty good in swinging conditions.

And that is about it.

Personally I'm backing Adam Milne.


Hall of Fame Member
Har, Canterbury have picked up Richard Sherlock. Obviously never heard the expression "Once bitten, twice shy".


International 12th Man
... no Nethula amongst the Auckland contracts is interesting though...
Logical. Hira is a core part of the Aucks 1-day team, and based on last year's performances Bhupinder Singh covers two roles as a FC spinner - long containing spells, or wicket taking spells if conditions suit. IIRC Nethula only covered one of those roles.

I'm an ND fan but I think the Aucks look threatening this year, Myburgh is a big signing as he will be keen to post some big centuries to force the NZ selectors to pick him, and they have a core of young players with 2-4 years experience (Raval, de Grandhomme, De Boorder, Kitchen, Bates) who know that a big season will push them to the fringe of national selection. A little like ND were about 3-4 seasons ago. This year ND have a very experienced side but perhaps a few too many are past the peak of their career ...