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*Official* Netherlands vs Brazil (Quarter-Final One)


International Regular
Get ****ed. Literally just clicked Netherlands at $7 on bet365 then they scored. So pissed off.


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Oh noes.. :(

Still, Dutch been good since the equaliser. Brazilian defence for the second was terrible.

And now a red. Worth it to see Robben in genuine pain instead of feigned agony.


International Regular
Took Holland/Germany quinella at $14 earlier today. Long way to go yet, but feeling warm and tingly.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Very stupid by the Brazilian guy to get sent off.

Love Robinho (I think) getting in the Dutch guy's face for the woeful dive on the last penalty too :laugh:

What the ****'s going on in this game the last 5 minutes. Nice deliberate use of the hand to stop that one hahaa
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Global Moderator
Brazil losing it completely now...

Robben, despite not having a shot on goal, has been stellar. Caused the defense no end of grief, forced one substitution and a red card.


The Wheel is Forever
If you're going to get back at him for being a **** and want deliberately foul, just stomp on his groin, instead of a friendly tap on the knee. Either one'll get you knocked out.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Woeful dive? The guy kicked his foot...
How long before he decided to flop to the deck? Or has he got some sort of delayed reaction syndrome? The guy only barely clipped his foot and then he took another couple of steps before he decided there might be a penalty in it and became a paraplegic.
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