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*Official* Knockout Stages


Norwood's on Fire
Thought I'd start this now that we have two matches

Round of 16

1. Uruguay V South Korea (26/6/10)
2. USA V Ghana (26/6/10)
3. Germany V England (27/6/10)
4. Argentina V Mexico (27/6/10)
5. Netherlands v Slovakia (28/6/10)
6. Brazil vs Chile (28/6/10)
7. Paraguay vs Japan (29/6/10)
8. Spain vs Portugal (29/6/10)

Quarter Finals

A. Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2
B. Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4
C. Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6
D. Winner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8

Semi Finals

1. Winner Quarter Final A vs Winner Quarter Final C
2. Winner Quarter Final B vs Winner Quarter Final D

Third Place Play-off

Loser Semi Final 1 vs Loser Semi Final 2


Winner Semi Final 1 vs Winner Semi Final 2
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Hall of Fame Member
Uruguay vs South Korea will be an intersting match up. Whoever wins will have a decent chance of making the semis as well.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Looking forward to this will be nice to watch the football impartially for the rest of the tourney:)


Hall of Fame Member
Argentina my thrid favourite side in this competition to be honest.

Uruguay should beat South Korea fairly comfortably, been impressive after that dire first match.


International Regular
The Uruguay part of the draw looks really weak assuming Germany don't come second in their group. The Group C winner will always be a poor side, and apart from Germany there's no threat from Group D. They have a great chance of going to the semis where they could meet the Dutch if the orange lads manage to dispose of Italy and Brazil first :ph34r:.

The Sean

Cricketer Of The Year
After they beat Paraguay and top the group, they'll play either Japan or Denmark in the next round.


International Coach
Got to beat the best to win it. No use complaining about who we get now. Ghana would be the easiest of the three, but then nothings easy when your England....