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**Official** Ireland in England 2019


U19 Cricketer
There was plenty of gloating from the rest of the world on this forum when people thought we were going to crash out of the world cup, and lose to Ireland so I wouldn't blame any England fans for gloating over these past couple of weeks. It's not like it's going to last anyway so may as well get it in when you can.

Sssshhhhhh! Don't tell it like it is. The England haters are still in complete meltdown after England's magnificent World Cup win.

Look how much England winning expectedly at home against a test minnow has triggered them. Lol.

My God. Can you imagine what would happen if England somehow managed to pull off an Ashes victory too? Boom! Total nuclear strike!!!


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no actually haha

this is your launchpad for a tirade towards how **** england is
It’s just generally a pretty drab and uninteresting joint. Got some good history and reasonable architecture obviously, but that aside it’s usually grey and often raining, which means the people walk around grimly with their heads down all the time.

I used to think that was the weather but after many visits I’ve realised they’re pretty much just understandably hanging their heads in shame at their country and what it (doesn’t) have to offer.


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England is so bad that Adders even prefers living in Butt-****, Country Victoria to going back.


International Captain
I lvoe a good upset. Doesn't matter the victim. Pity Ireland weren't quite able to make it happen, but such is being a minnow in test cricket