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*Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022


International Debutant

White Ball

U19 Vice-Captain
I personally think Virat should have been given the captaincy for this game as long as he wanted it. He lead us to the 2-1 position that we are in now so I felt him leading as a one off would have been logical the moment Rohit was ruled out


International Vice-Captain
Looking forward to England v India series eagerly. In the hope England is actually on a spree and it wasn't because we were ****. Still I think India has much better options in their line up. Although batting is pretty exciting from India I don't quite equate runs for India in a one match series in England. It takes time to acclimatize and they haven't had much time. I think Indian bowling will be an upgrade from ours. More pace, ability to extract more movement from the deck and able to hit the deck hard unlike us who rely on swing rather than hitting the deck harder. Also India will have a much better spin bowling option no matter whom they play. Any spinner India picks will be a massive upgrade from ours. Indian bowlers will not an issue with the dukes ball, their SG ball is a lot like Dukes ball.

Looking forward to an exciting England batting. I reckon they will try and go even harder. It can go either way but a lot depends on the deck.


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Doesn’t look like a full washout to me, though the first few days could be frustrating.


International Captain
Prepare to be Bairstowed India fans. Your bowling doesn't have the tools to get Bairstow out early. 100 in 66 balls coming up


International Captain

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