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*Official* India Tour of Australia 2018/19

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
If he set them anything at all instead of batting out the test match, I would re-evaluate my opinion on buring effigies

See I think I'd be fine with him setting them >400 at >8rpo. That's obviously just not going to happen. Anything easier than that would be madness though.


The Wheel is Forever
why wouldn't you want to go for the extra win and rub their faces in it? you don't have to set them anything nice. they're not chasing 500.
Normally I'd want to win every Test match but this is a special occasion. I don't care about 3-1 vs 2-1 in this series. This is once in a lifetime. No one will remember 10 years from now if it was 2-1 vs 3-1. I want it to be impossible for Australia to win, not 'mostly' impossible.


U19 Cricketer
Not that there's any chance of it occurring here, but what's the highest first-innings score for a losing team? I imagine it might come from a very long time ago when test matches could go on for over 5 days


The Wheel is Forever
Wish India had Bhuvi. Maybe wouldn't have made a difference, but I think would have had a better chance of taking some wickets.


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Umesh would have been very useful to have here. Bit of a shame that India batted too well for the crap selections to matter.