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***Official India in Zimbabwe 2024*** 5 T20Is


Whatever it takes!!!
Yeah this thing is on. First game about to start.

Parag, Jurel and Abhishek Sharma deboo-ing today. India won the toss and decided to bowl. Prince Gill is captain.


International Regular
Can’t find a live stream anywhere in Aus sadly. Naqvi in the squad for Zim but not playing today.


Whatever it takes!!!
These Zim batters are pretty good. Hopefully they get more exposure and play more cricket, esp. in the SC.


Whatever it takes!!!
Jon Campbell, son of Alastair, run out first ball. Unfortunate for the kid as I feel it was the non-strikers' fault as it was a bad call on his part.

Also @mods, can someone sticky this ?


Whatever it takes!!!
This unravelled quickly for Zim against the spinners. 71-3 in the 12th has become 90-9 in the 16th.

In other news, our spin hierarchy in T20Is seems pretty set.



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This game sounds pretty exciting. Disappointing that it's not on TV here.


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Determining the 'best' duck in cricket usually refers to the most notable or impactful one. In the context of the India vs Zimbabwe match, Rinku Singh was dismissed for a duck in a significant moment, as highlighted by the coverage. Abhishek Sharma and Mukesh Kumar were not mentioned in the context of ducks, suggesting their performance did not feature this outcome. Therefore, based on the available information, Rinku Singh's duck was the most notable.