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*Official* India in West Indies 2019


International Regular
So insecure Kohli doesn't skip the ODI and T20 part of this tour. Ganguly gave his opening position to Sehwag in ODI team for the benefit of team. Tendulkar skipped many ODI series between 2007-11 which helped in development of Gautam Gambhir . But insecure Kohli won't allow any youngster like Gill to develop nor would he
resign from captaincy
The thought that Kohli is insecure is quite hilarious. Insecure from what?


State Regular
The thought that Kohli is insecure is quite hilarious. Insecure from what?
He earns around 20-25 million dollar annually from brand endorsements. Any promising youngster batsman is a threat to him . Why do you think Dhoni is not retiring ? He also earns annually 10 million dollars from endorsements. The moment he retires , his earnings will take a huge hit.


International Vice-Captain
In fairness I think a lot of Sharma's long rope was down to a lack of better options, and when the field started improve so did he. Different to Marsh getting multiple recalls when he didn't really deserve it.
Probably some truth to that, as evidenced by when they dragged an old and fat RP Singh over to England mid tour.

Still not an Ishant fan though


I hope he's not injury prone....I hope this isnt a consequence of him over compensating for his ankle injury in Aus. Shaw is a talent that world cricket needs.


International Coach
Yeah, quite bummed that he is going to miss WI tour after missing AUS tour earlier. Somehow no one ever misses IPL due to injury :cursing:


International Debutant
**** when you have that much money you don't need any more
Money brings greed. Greed brings more money. Even in a country with 300 Million extremely poor people, it is pathetic to see uber millionaires want to have a bigger grab. By the way, I am not a socialist.


Cricket Spectator
No Shaw/Gill/Iyer in tests? Depressing
Shaw is not yet fully recovered. We got to feel for Gill. He is not even selected in atleast one of the squads. Iyer could have given a place in tests too. After captaining the his own state & DD, he is so matured now. Thinking abt the future, he surely would have given a chance


Cricket Spectator
In ODI squad, Jadhav could have replaced with Gill. Fitness wise & Form wise, Jadhav is below par where as Gill is at peaks. Gill must have surely disappointed for not in the squad


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He's probably gillty of not going big in any of the A matches vs West Indies.
Yep. Case of a big fish in a small pond it seems. Hope they don’t throw him into the deep end just to see if he’ll sink or swim.