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*** Official*** India in West Indies 2017


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Starts in three days.

Have a feeling this could be one of the least interesting JAMODI series of all time.


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De Kock caught Pant bowled Hardik!

That one zips through, catching De Kock and he walks off with a pained expression as the ball nestles safely with Pant.
I really need to find better things to do with my time


Cricketer Of The Year
Hopefully Kuldeep plays all the matches with Ashwin as a spin partner.

Not sure where Pandya fits in. He's a big-hitter on flat decks, but his bowling gets hit more often on those flat decks. He's unproven with the bat on any surface where his bowling makes a difference, simply because he's hardly ever got a bat.

Bhuvneshwar, Ashwin and Kuldeep form a decent lower order for a strong top five, so two proper bowlers (and Jadeja isn't one) can be brought in. Both Umesh and Shami can use this series to get into good bowling form, which they need.

There is no opener in the squad besides Dhawan, so Pant may open by default. Followed by Kohli, Dhoni, Kedar and Yuvraj, then Pandya.


Whatever it takes!!!
The defensive option will be to get in Umesh and Rahane for Rohit and Bumrah and play the same squad combination/balance. I hope to God they change it around after the first game and once everyone is settled.


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Why does everyone want to drop Bumrah? Barely had a bad game or two since debut.