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*** Official*** ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2017


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Now there's a surprise, SA holding their nerve to win a tight match in an ICC tournament... :ph34r:

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
All day no one got beyond the inner ring and then suddenly this Ismail comes up and gets it.

I'll stop quarterbacking I think :laugh:


Hall of Fame Member
Ismail gun under pressure. SA almost losing from 113-0 chasing 200 odd. The ladies carry forth the good name then.


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Fair bit of confusion at the toss today, with the Windies skipper changing her mind and being made (correctly imo) by the match referee to stick with her original decision to bat first.


International Captain
Brutal partnership this. Not a bad first international hundred for Sciver either, from 76 balls.


International Captain
Sciver is a pretty special talent. Absolutely wrecking these bowlers. Won't mind being bowled half volley after half volley, mind.

Aaand the half volley gets her. Great innings.


International Vice-Captain
Just watched the last hour of this . Entertaining stuff. Will have to catch some more of it this week in between the tennis


International Captain
Something makes me think this Pakistan bowling attack won't be replicating the upturn in fortunes of the men.


International Coach
What a hiding. Makes it to the fifth highest all time score.

Turns out the highest ever women's ODI score is 455 by NZ back in 1997. Bowling Pakistan out for 47 gave a comfortable winning margin of 408 runs.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Must admit I almost wrote England off after that loss to India, but clearly that was a bit too hasty.


International Coach
I got only the Jhulan Goswami question correct confidently. Got a 50% overall but all other questions were really guesses.