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**Official** Group D Discussion - Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh

straw man

International Coach
Playing Razzak like he's Bishin Bedi doesn't help the NZ cause either.

Don't think he moved one off the straight and not a lot in the way of overspin either. Looks ripe for positive intent from the batsmen.
Yeah the Guptill bowled was just a straight nothing-ball really. Franklin apparently opening for this reason - wonder if he'll look to hit straight over the top.


Waz has a little mancrush on McCullum, eh?

Lovely shot tho, tbf. Good use of the feet.

Still don't get Shakib, tbh. I know the stats don't lie (...) but never looks better than steady to me.


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McCullum seems to be in decent form! Cracking knock in the T20 India, and now this.


International Coach
Boggles the mind as to how Franklin has somehow become a semi-regular in all three forms. Has done pretty much nothing noteworthy in internationals since his revival as a "batsman".
edit: you bash those minnows, BMac!
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