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*Official* Group B General Discussion

Blaze 18

I'm on the brink of cheering for SA for the WC tbh. I've never been that emotionally connected with the Indian ODI side(unlike my love for the test side) and watching SA bowl is an absolute treat plus I have money on South Africa and some of the Indian players seem to have a **** attitude re the WC.

Will probably change if Sreesanth plays, mind. :ph34r:

Just want to watch the best cricket possible really and with India it seems to be a case of incredibly disproportionate ability between bat and ball which leads to the game panning out to be Get hit for a million runs and score a million runs. I reckon I'd enjoy a final between anyone among SA/Pak/Oz more than one involving India. There I said it.

Haha, we'll see how "murderous" they are in the knockout games. It looks like they'll be facing Pakistan in the quarters, a much better side under pressure. We'll wait and see if South Africa can walk the walk when it matters. Given their history, I will not be waiting with bated breath.