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**Official** Group B Discussion - Australia, West Indies, Ireland


International Regular
Wouldn't be surprised if there was bat on that.

ed: boo I swear I heard two noises.
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straw man

International Coach
Starc must be close to being no-balled for too wide on the crease here

Edit - tends to flick out his back leg crossing the wide crease while in the air, but lands safely.
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Jones & Cusack give the innings the vaguest suggestion of respectability.

Still at least 30 short tho, IMHO. Pitch looks pretty blameless.

WTF is going on with George's hair tho? Always had Barnet issues, but he looks to have raised the bar again.


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Warner's just your classic ****. Pretty lol that he's getting words from a minnow though. Good all round.