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**Official** Group B Discussion - Australia, West Indies, Ireland


International Regular
Why is Cameron White even close to this team, let alone taking a spot away from Dussey?

I remember a time on this forum where there there was a running count of the amount of matches between scores of 40+.

straw man

International Coach
Twatto still managed a stupid glare at the batsman after defended one. Chalk that one up to the 'punchable' meter.

This Straceh guy bowls straight now :blink:


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Chappelli on "Bailey as captain". Am agreed, actually. No way he's a better T20 player than Dussey. Or Cam White*, if it comes to it.

*When in form.
Yeah and Oscar Pistorius is a good tap dancer when he has legs.

White is an absolute liability.


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Great that we have Chappell on comms to provide the insight that we always give a good account of ourselves, give it our all, great spirit in our ranks etc


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It's a pitch that awards good cricketers, bad news for Ireland's vast array of irritatingly effective part-timers and dart-throwers.