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*Official* Grade Season XV


Global Moderator
RE: Sunday. Good personal game, with my first 50 I believe, and a four wicket haul. Good to see the Titans returning to their natural spot, up top, where we've been in previous seasons. Was a pretty slow start to the year though!

And a ton on Tuesday! Unbelievable!
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Simon, if not too much of a Drama can i get moved up a spot or two in the batting for couple of games?


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If you're CPU simming the games, tick the "pick CPU teams in batting order" button.
yeh thats what I do, but still cbf changing them after ive given it the computer team, i do it to ensure all available cw players are ticked.


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Averaging nine with the ball in grade - that'll do nicely, thanks. Not so consistent with the bat, but hey, not easy to have everything..


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Table	Played	Wins	Draws	Lost	Bat Pts	Bowl Pts	Points
Foxes	20	8	5	7	11	30		99
Titans	20	7	10	3	9	23		94
Edfield	20	6	10	4	7	27		90
Panthrs	20	6	10	4	12	18		86
Darters	20	5	14	1	20	8		86
Camps	20	5	12	3	6	20		80
Gofftwn	20	4	8	8	12	19		71
Sharks	20	0	9	11	9	9		36