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*Official* Grade Season XV


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I'm still trying to sort out someone to sim and post the grade stuff, until then I'll look after it because I want to get the competition started tomorrow.

The following Dev League players will be competiting in the first half of the season:

Campsfield Braves: Daniel Speirs (Black), Callum Laing (Colts), SV Raghav (Red), Ethan McNamara (Green), Charlie Downes (Blue), CR Burge (Black)
Davistow Darters: Morgan Burridge (Blue), Dylan Cole (Green), Manjunath Reddlappali (Green), Marc Robbins Jnr (Red), Thad Bochat (Colts), Zac Gelman (Black)
Edfield Seahawks: Swaranjeet Singh (Red), Marcuss Deane (Colts), Ed Dean (Red), Nath Patrick (Black), Josef Crowther (Blue)
Garven Island Sharks: Sriram Iyer (Blue), Ed Ames (Red), Jason Wilson (Colts), Matt Smith (Black), Josh Forner (Green)
Gofftown Tigers: Mitch Rapp (Red), Jake Luffman (Blue), Harvey Crockett (Colts), Darren Dubb-Lynch (Green), Kevin Gough (Black), Bharanidharan (Red)
Nixonstown Foxes: Bosco Fitzsimmons (Colts), James Stedman (Black), Chris Raftery (Green), Regan Hutchinson (Blue), Heath Davis (Black), Muhhammad Amir (Red)
Pickford Panthers: Age Sellaro (Green), Richard Langley Jnr (Blue), Yngve Fjermestad (Colts), Callum Dinnen (Red), Tarick Weber (Colts), Nick Borcich (Black)
Twibrigde Titans: Ben Hawker (Green), Damien Taylor (Black), Umer Aslam (Colts), Jack McNamara (Green), Brenton Robb (Blue)

Let me know if ive missed anyone that should be here
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Average from the Sharks - disappointing not to score a run myself, but 4-70 is good with the ball.