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*Official* English Football Season 2022/23


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At first I felt like it made no sense. But then I thought about it more and it actually makes complete sense. Jorginho playing for Chelsea was the part that made no sense. They never valued him. He's so much more of an Arsenal player.


International Coach
Ten Hag's loathing of rotation has came back to bite him on this arse.

No reason Eriksen should have been playing against Reading.

A monumental ask to finish in the top 4 now.


I understand the logic and he is a good player. But Chelsea and United rejects rarely ever work out for us. He's also an utter ****
Got me thinking: the only ones* I could even attempt to make cases for not being disasters would be Gallas (when his bottom lip wasn't wobbling), Welbeck (when fit) & Cech. The latter definitely did his best work for yer Chavs though.

*Prem era; Georgie Graham went ok after he moved across London.


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Jorginho is hardly a reject. He's a regular starter and they're selling him because he's out of contract at the end of the season.

I think it's a great move. I watch so, so many games where I wish we had someone to come on and dictate the tempo. Maybe that's all the years spent watching McFred, but England supporters should know the exact feeling too. I think you probably win the Euro 2020 final if Jorginho swaps teams.

And how many players can do that? They're pretty much all at top clubs, it's a really rare skillset. Jorginho isn't amazing, but even an average player of that type is super useful, and they tend to keep contributing well into their thirties.


Norwood's on Fire
Honestly, I’m in the office today and someone said to me ‘Jorginho is signing for Arsenal’ and my reaction was ‘that’s a cracking signing for them.’


School Boy/Girl Captain
Hugo Bueno who plays for Wolverhampton seems really good, not many left backs have been better than him this season


Evil Scotsman
Only concern with Jorginho is top Premier League clubs don't tend to sell good players to each other. And Arsenal don't have a great recent history when it comes to signing Chelsea players.