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***Official English Football Season 2021/22***


Cricketer Of The Year
New fixtures and hence new thread tomorrow. We should get someone random with no interest in football to start it in honour of Qatar hosting the World Cup midway through the season.
Hope I am not too late to request it be called the European football thread


Request Your Custom Title Now!
I assume LT just missed that the thread exists and was asking if one should be created? Would be bizarrely rude of him if not.


Norwood's on Fire
I'm really confused. It's the new footy thread Mags linked to but it was the women's Euros LT asked about. Although I do note Mags created a thread on that also.

Oh well, delete this thread and let's never speak of this wretched season again.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
I was responding to Uppercut’s post about there being a thread, and finding there was one. I had no idea why mags posted that link, I figured it’s a mod thing.