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***Official English Football Season 2021/22***


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He's unlucky because he's not even making a tackle, he's just kicking the ball. He's not in control, but 99 times out of 100 you don't land anywhere near another player and nobody thinks twice about it.

No question it's a red though, it's probably the most dangerous tackle I've seen this season. Slow motion can make some fairly innocuous challenges look dangerous because it obscures how little force is involved, but James is absolutely flying when he connects.


Hall of Fame Member
Great result for Spurs that. However, I wouldn't worry too much Arsenal fans - Tottenham are experts at following up such games with abject failure. A home fixture versus Burnley is perfect material for Spurs to choke on.


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Arsenal Twitter were completely off their rockers too. The only big decision the ref got wrong was not sending Holding off sooner.


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I've maybe missed something on the replays as I didn't think there was much in the penalty decision.
It’s a strange one because at amateur level the refs are much more lenient, but that particular foul gets given every single time. At the top level they usually get away with it, but they shouldn’t. Shoving someone in the back when they’re challenging for a header is definitely a foul, especially when you’re not going for the ball. From the ref’s angle it looks nailed on.

I don’t rate Neville much these days but he knows plenty about using dirty tricks to defend the back post and he called it really well. You need to make sure you shove them in the side or shoulder.


International Vice-Captain
Not sure if there’s anything in the De Jong to United rumors but reading that he’s not really a CDM when that’s the main need does seem like something they would do for a bit of flash.

Seems he sometimes plays that position but playing that spot in England a different ask. Even bigger if he’s surrounded by some of the current dross.


Cricketer Of The Year
I think he’s incredible and would take him without thinking twice about it. Apparently he’s had a bad season though.
Rumor for clicks IMO. Bad season or not De Jong is supposedly the chosen one at Barca. They are not selling the chosen one. More likely is Manure trigger Kalvin Phillips' release clause in the event Leeds go down.