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***Official*** English Football Season 2020-21


Hall of Fame Member
One year left on his deal in the summer and is an Arsenal fan. We could push a permanent deal through quite easily if we wanted to.
Yeah this could be an amazing deal.

Madrid in such a weird spot at the moment. Got this ageing first team but are letting so many of their supposed replacements go.

They will probably just go and buy Mbappe or something.


Haha for some reason this just reminded me of that really weird time when Arsenal signed a knackered and old Kim Kallstrom.


International Coach
Anyone know anything about Crystal Palace midfielder Nya Kirby? @wpdavid?
Only what I've just read about him playing for England's victorious U17 side in the 2017 WC, which suggests that he is not without talent. You'll have to let me know how he gets on at your place.


The return of Flamini. Another great incident.
Haha that was a good signing, all things considered I think. The problem was that whilst he represented a big upgrade on what Arsenal had in his position already (which was basically nothing), he was still obviously several levels below what was required to take Arsenal to the next level/the equivalent players in other top sides.

I always really liked him though. One of those players who was always wild-eyed and seemed borderline deranged when playing, but when interviewed off the pitch always came across as incredibly mild-mannered and softly spoken.

The fact that he is now an owner of a biochemicals company is just randomly great as well.


International Captain
Can Steve Bruce just **** the **** off from football already so I don't have to listen to the ****ing pundits' union defending his milquetoast brand of nothing football after every eye-meltingly staid loss.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
Highbury 87.jpg

34 years ago 15,000 Greens turned up at the Highbury Clock End for a Cup Tie (that's me in the corner losing my religion). Terrible policing and stewarding. If there'd been perimeter fencing it would have been Hillsborough two years early.