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*Official* English Football Season 2013-14


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It's as even a result as you can really get. I'd say it favours Chelsea because Atletico are less strong favourites than they were before the first leg.


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Finally Moyes is gone. Hated being right here. Also, I really didn't expect it to be this bad under him. Thought he'd falter but not by this much.


Global Moderator
Mourinho is such a tit. All this talk about how other countries help their sides out is completely ignoring that Atletico play a MASSIVE game in their title race on Sunday. And if anything their style is more exhausting than Chelsea's.


Yeah, if things like "facts" are inconvenient for a view he's trying to espouse, they simply cease to exist. Predictable and a bore.


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Lets face it though they were being helped in a way as the fixture scheduled for between the champions league semi was against one of last seasons also rans. Nobody could have predicted they would be on the verge of winning the title this season.


Evil Scotsman
Here's an idea, why don't the FA just ask Chelsea when they'd like to play their games and we'll avoid this scenario in future?

Better yet, why don't we ask Jose what he wants the result to be and we can avoid the chore of a) watching his teams play "football" and b) listening to him prattle on to the media.

The guy's a ****ing tit. Luckily one or two of the media are catching on to this fact, although their reluctance to actually call him a knob is still annoying.


Evil Scotsman
I'd be going nuts at Lahm if I was Guardiola. Never, ever put the ball out if the opposition are rolling around and the referee isn't stopping the game.


Hall of Fame Member
Hate the idea that Bayern beat Guardiola's Barca last year. They did not. That Barcelona side was better than Bayern were last year.


Evil Scotsman
Yeah the 2011 Champions League final performance is the best I've ever seen. 3-1 seriously flattered United that night.

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Hate the idea that Bayern beat Guardiola's Barca last year. They did not. That Barcelona side was better than Bayern were last year.
Don't know if this is a reply to me or not but, stylistically at least, Barcelona last year were very similar to Pep's Barcelona, basically less a bit of pressing. I mean Barcelona dominated possession last year in both legs and lost 7-0. Bayern couldn't do that now.