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*Official* English Football Season 2013-14


Seriously though, going back to my earlier post, Giroud was absolutely all over the place for most of that match. It was so annoying how in terms of movement and positioning it seemed like he did the exact opposite of what he should have been doing whenever Arsenal got possession.

Whenever someone in midfield needed him to come short he turned tail and legged it forwards hoping for the ball over the top. Whenever someone got wide and whipped the ball in at the near post he decided to run behind all of the City defenders to the back post rather than attacking the cross. Really got up my nose.

There are obvs still questions over his general ability in terms of technique etc... but I've not seen anything so alarming in that respect that suggests to me he can't make it at this level. But you'd expect a Sunday league player to be able make the runs he should have been making today.
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and Atletico Madrid go 2-1 up, normally I don't much care for these forn League, because ya know the entire built-in xenophobia thing, but have to admit I'd find it funny if Barca or Real didn't win La Liga.


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I probably have a greater interest in the La Liga title race than the Premier League one now. Would be so glorious if Atletico win it, and it's a real possibility to.


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Yep he made the odd bad decision at United, Djemba Djemba, Veron and the like, but they were far out-weighed by the good. TBH it isn't actually his decision, Moyes, it was just his suggestion, it's the boards decision.
It's really just semantics though. It was Fergie's decision and the board just blindly approved it.


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The point is they didn't have to. It was their decision to let him decide
Indeed, can't see how it's semantics whatsoever, if they'd gone another way, would it have even been mentioned by Fergie. Seems to me they copped the easy way out and then gave the responsibility of it to Ferguson.


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I probably have a greater interest in the La Liga title race than the Premier League one now. Would be so glorious if Atletico win it, and it's a real possibility to.
Yeah that's such a good result for them today, Atletic don't really do losses at home this season.


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Yeah I didn't think they would get a win today, it is all going down to Atletico v Barcelona on the last day of the season which will be all the more amazing because both will be desperate for Real not to win it.

Missed so much good football today, never enjoy having to make do with MOTD.


I love how when Flamini plays he's all wild-eyed and so is so intense he looks like he's deranged, but when you see him interviewed after a match he's very softly-spoken and mild-mannered. WAG :laugh:


Absolutely ghastly.

Thought Fulham were a bit unfortunate there. Played some nice stuff for most of the match.


Have been meaning to say for a while, I really hate it when Martin Tyler insists on saying "and it's live!".

It's a line he's obvs been fed/told to say. But just **** off.


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Speaking with a few mates last night, both reds and none, and key points agreed upon:

1. This game could be 6 or 7 nil and it wouldn't be a shock
2. It shows you how bad Moyes' United have been that they are below Tottenham

Biggest team of FTBs the prem has ever seen, just absolutely bottle it against any good side


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It's amazing just how good Suarez is at finishing given how ****e he was at it when he first came to the league.