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*Official* English Football Season 2013-14

Tom Halsey

International Coach
If I had to pick one of the two I'd have Cazorla tbh. I'd guess without checking it that Mata's output is greater in terms of goals and assists but I think Cazorla is the better player. Both gun though.

EDIT: Yeah Mata's goals and assists tallies have been the higher of the two over the years but it's closer than I thought.
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Yeah there is certainly not much in it but I think Mata has the edge, would certainly be the one that I would sign given the age gap.


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What are you talking about?
At that point in the season it'd be hard to tell things would get this bad. Also, the team was still right about the top places for a little while after that game hence us being decent then. The wheels fell off soon after with the Arsenal game as catalyst.


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It's hardly suicidal. Citeh have played the exact same system with two strikers + Nasri and Silva for a few years now.

I'm happy with Januzaj and Mata wide and Rooney+RVP in the middle. I don't think it's too attacking. Against the more dangerous teams we can always recall Welbeck or Valencia to do a job on one side.
Welbeck is rubbish out wide. He's passable in the hole but is best as a 9. Valencia is just...

A lot of it's more that we love him than that we rate him. He's small, weak, not especially quick, not a great finisher. But sometimes he thinks so quickly it's spectacular. You get these amazing little turns and flicks and dummies in tight spaces that get us out of a hole and start a counter-attack. I mean, as a player it's not enough to make up for his lack of pace and strength and goals. But it's lovely to watch and you never really see players like that in the Premiership.
From memory he scored a fair few goals for Dortmund. So he can finish.


Cazorla and Özil play in Mata's best positions but do it better.
Is this actually true? Neither have been as good in the league as Mata was last year (or the year before, really). Cazorla was very good last year but Mata was better, Ozil was very good in a team worth more than most countries with arguably the best player in the world taking a lot of the attention.
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I must admit, as a neutral, I love watching Ozil, Carlzorla and Mata, but I think Mata is the one I love the most. I really think he's a great signing for United, and may paper over many of Moyes faults.

He's everything in a signing that Fellaini wasn't.


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My Brother is taking his son to his first football match at the Etihad, to support Citeh, would be quite amusing if they lost IMHO.


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Boo, and I've even had to send a message to him saying that I'm glad him and the kid had a good time.

Oh and Exeter lost too, despite apparently having our 18 year old playmaker scythed down, and then carried off. Yet they gave the guy a yellow so thats okay8-)


Mackem players "cowards" sez Di Canio

From the BBC.

Bless. Nothing to do with treating grown men like schoolboys then?

He's good value, eh? Reached and breached the line where self-belief becomes monomaniacal delusion so long ago it's barely even a dot on the horizon now. As evidenced by him referring to himself in the third person:

Mad Paolol said:
I really believe in work, work, work so my standards are very high for those people without ambition.

People with ambition want Paolo Di Canio.