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***Official*** England in India 2016/17


Cricketer Of The Year
Root doesn't seem to have much of a defense game against Quality Spin.
Seems to just attack & attack.
I guess he feels that the best way to go about it is attack, which isn't the worst mindset. But he does look seriously insecure in his defense which isn't the best sign long term.


Cricketer Of The Year
#4 has definitely proven a spot too high for Moeen I think, particularly with him bowling so many overs here.
Yeah, I mean it was always going to be tough on this wicket but surely they could have gotten Stokes to bat above him this one time given the bowling workload.


Mr. Glass
Root's average is 53.01 and it will fall into 52 point something when he gets out in this innings. A two run difference in average is not huge between Kohli and him. Wouldn't be wrong to pick either one of them in a world test XI anymore.