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*Official* England 'A' in CWLand


International Vice-Captain
dontcloseyoureyes said:
91 from 28!?!? That's ridiculous, well done Wilson!
wow easily my best one day game, really surprised because i've struggled with the bat this season great win Blacks and also nice to see CW 'A' doing well :)


Hall of Fame Member
Great effort to win the series 2-1.CW A really turned things around in the second half of the English tour, and showed the depth of talent we have here.


International Regular
age_master said:
gotta question why Warwick and Cunningham didn't bowl a few more overs though?
Yeah it does seem a bit strange given the opening bowlers' economy rates


International 12th Man
Bit surprised I played the ODer for the reds. :p

Wonderful effort from Bennett, he's a star!

What a guy.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Very happy with that. :) Expensive bowling at times, particularly at the death, but we had the runs on the board to pull through regardless.

Well done in particular to Bennett, fantastic with both bat and ball, as well as to Blackman, it was great batting with you.


International Captain
Digging up threads seems to be a trend these days on Cricket Web


(A new trend of my own that I have decide to start, which is to sign every post with my name, and random smilies.


International Captain
When's the next A tour? Hoping it's into the 2nd half of next season.

Dravid, might wanna end that trend sooner rather than later...


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Buddhmaster said:
When's the next A tour? Hoping it's into the 2nd half of next season.

Dravid, might wanna end that trend sooner rather than later...
Buddhy Blackman making the correct call it seems


International Captain
ash chaulk said:
ill support the trend aslong as you play very bad development league cricket
Nah, it's all good. I plan on avg 50+ next season, so dropped the trend. And since I dropped the trend I scored a 100 nd 92 in my two Ytest. If I fire in Asia I would have high chances of coming into the senior side if I get runs in the domestic scene along with that. You all will see me play for the senior side one day!