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*Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread


International Coach
So far I am impressed by the quality of fielding. There’s a Gallagher guy really walloping they ball—he’s 28(16). His team need 52 in 31. So I’m hanging on for climatic finish


International Debutant
I don’t even know if this is the right thread to post this,but I’m currently watching the European Cricket Series being played in Helsinki.
Is Tatu Vehvilainen playing in that? We were teammates at uni. He's played a few games for Finland in the past but I don't know what he's doing now.

He's Finland-born but grew up in the UK and got into cricket, I know he'd done a bit of work for Cricket Finland as well. He was the only Finnish-named player in the team when he was in the national side.


School Boy/Girl Captain
It's good to know there are emerging cricket tournaments and it is good to know that smaller cricket nations are being catered for but when they are so low key even cricket fans do not know, how does that help the spread of the game? Heck in England the game is becoming increasingly niche and we are one of the "top" nations for this sport.

Look at the struggle of Ireland and Afghanistan barely getting a test or the WC being more and more limited.


International Captain
Speaking about emerging cricket tournaments, it seems the local stakeholders in Kenya have decided that board or no board, Cricket must move forward. Don't ask me about the first edition of that Simba Premier League, cos I legit have never heard of it before I stumbled on that link I have shared.