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*Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread


International Coach
Excellent spell for Bilal. Good day at the office for him. I'm pretty sure he will get some kinda of talk with Wasim Akram after this match.


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Kyle's been there a while now and clearly has some strength
I know Ghzanfar can hit

Just line the ball up and swing hard.


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Can't fault HK's performance much. Didn't bowl badly after 10 overs, Kaleel and Jatinder just batted well. Could we have bowled better in the final 3 overs? Probably, but lot of credit to Jatinder for his strokeplay in the final overs to get them up to 134. Not easy to bowl to someone who is pulling off switch-hits and reverse-sweeps so frequently and so well. It's not like we missed any chances off him either. If anything, he gifted us two wickets by running out his partners.

In response, Bilal Khan was just unplayable with the new ball. Simandeep and Kinchit probably had soft dismissals, and if either of them stuck around we might have finished this runchase off. But the deliveries to get Nizakat, Aizaz and Waqas were just too good. Can't do much coming up against that kind of new ball spell. Scotty was absolutely immense, and Haroon batted very well, but we just ran out of batting at the end.

I predicted we'd catch a low-on-confidence Oman side and upstage them while they buckle under nerves. We nearly did that. Jatinder and Bilal were just too good, and denied us the win. They've been two of the standout players for Oman in this tournament as well. Sometimes fairytales just don't come true. But we were so close. Young, inexperienced squad, new coach, lots of turmoil back home in the politics and the cricket and everything in general. Bad start to the tournament. Turned it around amazingly. And almost did the unthinkable.

I'd have given Bilal POTM tbh - Jatinder did run out two batsmen on his way to 67.
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Was it oman who had 4 players done for fixing before the tournament? If so they have done very well considering
that was UAE

Oman have one of the oldest sides in the tournament - bulk of this squad has been playing together for over 5 years. Plenty of experience and depth.

Tom Flint

International 12th Man
Ah ok they looked a decent team bilal especially was landing his Yorkers although the batsman was giving it away trying to hit him out the ground