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** OFFICIAL East Coast Fury Thread **


Cricketer Of The Year
East Coast Fury Squad

Brendon Goff (C) - #8
Simon Fitzsimmons (VC) - #2
Ryan Dunn - #81
David Kearsley - #9
Nathan Hoy
Ian Markus - #7
Chris Dwyer
Nitin Dravid - #6
Kingsley Clapham - #4
Rui Costa(POR/MAR)
Bjorn Hakkinon (FIN)
Luisao (BRA)
Paul O'Shannesy (IRE)
Max Jones (USA)
Stig Budtz (NOR)
Jardel (BRA)
Erik Iversen (NOR)
Flavio Aiello (ITA)
Erik de Cler (NED)
Adilson (BRA)


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Player Name		Country		Age	GK Skill	Tackling Skill	Passing Skill	Shooting Skill	Aggression
Bjorn Hakkinon		Finland		25	20		2		5		5		31
Luisao			Portugal	20	14		3		5		5		34
Paul O'Shannesy		Ireland		26	1		19		7		2		78
Max Jones		United States	20	1		18		11		5		62
Stig Budtz		Denmark		31	2		13		4		12		67
Jardel			Brazil		17	2		3		18		1		78
Erik Iverson		Norway		22	2		1		15		7		75
Flavio Aiello		Italy		20	1		3		11		4		64
Erik de Cler		Holland		34	1		6		8		19		60
Adilson			Brazil		30	2		2		6		14		64
Fury's Extra Players


International Captain
Happy to get selected. Those who are on my team can I please get ur msn id so I have all my team mates on msn if ever needed.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend

Seems as if we already have a warcry as such :p

UNLEASH THE FURY!!!!! :cool:

p.s Rui Costa looks the goods... :dry: thoughts ?


International Captain
Check 2nd post for updated team list + roster. If there are any problems please say so ASAP in here. Also players who's name don't fully fit can choose what they wish to have in (in reason), e.g T_Loganathan can become Tharmi_Log'n or TA_Loganathan etc. The names can only be 13 characters long, including the underscore for a space.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well firstly i'd like to welcome all of you to The Fury, The side looks very strong... Lets build this side into a tight unit, that sticks together...

As for our Marquee player i guess it really needs to be decided what kind of formation we want to play and how we go about it

Im thinking something like this as our 1st XI team


Kearsley		Goff ©		O'Shannesy		Montero/Dwyer	

			Fitzsimmons (vc)				

	Hoy				Markus	


	Clapham				Dwyer/Djorkaeff


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like that idea... only i would go for Roque Junior over Monerto for the simple fact that he's 5 years younger ??


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If anyone wishes to contact us at the Fury Office.. The Email is

EC_Fury at Cricketmail dot net

I request you email us just to check in...


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
#4 for me please :)

Squad Colors ?? Just for the sake of it ??

Orange & Blue mebbe?? Or Blue & Gold/Yellow ??? figured it's gotta have blue in it being from the Coast & All ??
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Cricketer Of The Year
Guys we need to finalise our Marquee player..

Simon was after Djorkaeff from memory..

I guess it all depends on where Dwyer would prefer to play... If he would prefer Defence then we could go with Djorkaeff or Elber..

If he wanted to be up front then Montero or Roque Junior...

Thoughts everyone??