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*Official* Double Match Day - South Africa v England (27th Sept)


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Yeah, Anderson proved the difference between the two teams. @ Uppercut - This is the third time in ten minutes that I am agreeing with you.


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Yeah, Anderson proved the difference between the two teams. @ Uppercut - This is the third time in ten minutes that I am agreeing with you.
Haha, must be a record :D

Although even in agreement I'm sure we'll find some small sub-plot to disagree over.


Norwood's on Fire
Just brilliant. Can still barely believe it. Not all that surprised we defended the target, chuffed that Jimmeh seems to have found his mojo mind you. But the batting, bloody hell. Thoroughly deserved victory, looking forwards to the semis :D


Norwood's on Fire
Could apply to any England side. Did exactly the same last year, going from whitewashing South Africa to being whitewashed by India.

England are nowhere near as bad at ODI cricket as everyone lets on. They're just remarkably inconsistent, and when they're bad, they're horrendously bad.
Meant to reply to this before. Whilst what you say is true, there was three months (ish) between the Saffa and India series, the CB series and this we are talking literally a turnaround of a week. It is unbelievable.

You are right, our poor form does get overplayed in ODIs as I don't think we've won some and lost some on a regular basis over the last three years, well, since the WC basically. However, even I had lost hope here as our batting looked shot to pieces without our two powerful hitters, KP & Freddie. Of course, now I believe we're the best team ever and the rest of the tournament should be a doddle.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yea Anderson should have been man of the match. Morgan would have been second choice, incredible strike rate and seemed to do pretty well with the gloves unless I missed something.


International Debutant
SA chokes yet again, though this time one suspects their team wasn't up to it. Their bowling has been dire all tournament.


International Captain
Didn't see the game but I'm surprised by Morgon's SR. From what I've seen of him I wasn't that impressed.