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*Official* Double Match Day - South Africa v England (27th Sept)


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Lol cricinfo

cricinfo said:
Anderson to Parnell, no run, slower bouncer from Anderson, Parnell was through with his **** before the ball arrived, attempts a second shot at it, the ball sails over middle stump

Obv not censored on cricinfo


International Debutant
47 from 4 overs to stay alive then. They need to cash in on the last powerplay over but it will be tough.


International Coach
"Parnell was through with his **** before the ball arrived"

no need for that sort of language from cricinfo

beaten to it


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TBF, bad cramp is just about one of the most painful things I have had happen to me and I've had my fair share of injuries.
Yeah, bad cramp is absolutely dreadful. Completely AWTA on a pain : severity ratio it's probably top. I mean breaking your ankle is quite serious and very painful where as cramp just happens but is very painful :laugh:

Nah, can't not give it to Smith after this.
AWTA again, Was about to say I hope he gets 150 but he's out whilst I'm typing. Heroic effort.

Edit : I should be a writer for Cricinfo.

Smith's heroic innings comes to an end
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Well played smith.. I am just happy that i picked him in my fantasy team.. he will help me win this tournment..


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So if Oz are bad and Eng are woeful, what does that make SA?

HA f****ing HA to the arrogant ***** that have never won a thing and talk themselves up before a ball is bowled in any tournament

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
England get there in the end, the last wicket partnership highlighting England's clinical professionalism...

Bye bye South Africa. At least you've not got far to travel when you go home.