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*Official* Double Match Day - NZ v Sri Lanka (27th Sept)


International Debutant
Clearly Sri Lanka has been rather overrated especially after their win against South Africa. This likely NZ victory is good news for England. Now a win in either of their games will see them through. And NZ will in turn go through if they can beat England. SL is almost certainly out. They have a slim chance if they come close to the target and if England wins big in their remaining two games.


Not Terrible
Well after losing the top order I thought we'd win by 100. Then they rebuilt but after losing Jayawardene I thought maybe 60.

Fair play to Sri Lanka's batting for making a game of it.


State Captain
Bit worried that we only have 5 bowlers, really need to replace Ryder with a bowling alrounder.


Not Terrible
Na Elliott can chuck down a few in the middle overs. We just didn't today because wickets were all we were searching for.


U19 Captain
Na Elliott can chuck down a few in the middle overs. We just didn't today because wickets were all we were searching for.
Would probably have done a better job than Bond ITBT. He could have cost New Zealand the game with his display.

Seriously though, Franklin WAG. Not only has he been superb for Gloucestershire (best overseas player since Harvey's first spell, probably) all season, culminating in a brilliant all-round effort against Kent, he then gets straight onto the plane to South Africa and plays superbly for his country in a competely different environment two days after this. Is there an appreciation society for him on CW?


Not Terrible
Yeah I believe there is one, JFAS? Something about him being Frankly awesome.

Bond's first spell wasn't that bad and was rather unlucky, really badly tailed off though.

straw man

International Coach
Yusss!! Got up this morning and was worried about a big Jayawardene hundred. Really happy that we won.