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*Official* CWXI Career Avges (Start of Season XIV)

Mr Mxyzptlk

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CW XI Test Avges (correct to 30th October 2003)

Avges up-to-date to the end of our English pilgrimage.


Lucky Eddie moves into the 90's in Test wickets.
Cloete crosses 2000 Test runs.
Neil Pickup takes his 50 Test wicket.
Top Cat crosses 50 Test wickets.
Broncoman and Rich_2001 cross 1500 Test runs.



International Captain

hat off to eclipse, been playing brilliantly mate. also liam, i want my number 3 spot back. i want 3 and eclipse at 4? can i talk to the captain about this?because afterall he's really the one that decides the order.

must be said though, our bowling is absolute crap bar niel and luckyeddie. which makes me wonder even more why neil wasn't played in the last tests:rolleyes:

oh well.... let's hope we can come away with a series win in NZ and a win in the WC where i hit a 100 and take a 4 for with my newly improved bowling in the final :P

Mr Mxyzptlk

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1/ Eclipse has been superb at 3 and you did exceptionally well at 4 in Australia. I don't see why anything should change.

2/ We don't want to fall into Giles syndrome with respect to Neil.