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*Official* CWBCC Chairmen's Trophy Season XIV


International Debutant
Tied the record for Hundreds in consecutive innings

Player 100s Runs Inns Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
Zaheer Abbas 3 118 1 Pakistan v India Multan 17 Dec 1982 ODI # 163
105 1 Pakistan v India Lahore 31 Dec 1982 ODI # 164
113 2 Pakistan v India Karachi 21 Jan 1983 ODI # 172
Saeed Anwar 3 107 1 Pakistan v Sri Lanka Sharjah 30 Oct 1993 ODI # 841
131 2 Pakistan v West Indies Sharjah 1 Nov 1993 ODI # 842
111 2 Pakistan v Sri Lanka Sharjah 2 Nov 1993 ODI # 843
HH Gibbs 3 116 1 South Africa v Kenya Colombo (RPS) 20 Sep 2002 ODI # 1882
116* 2 South Africa v India Colombo (RPS) 25 Sep 2002 ODI # 1886
153 1 South Africa v Bangladesh Potchefstroom 3 Oct 2002 ODI # 1890


International Regular
Cloete playing for his average. Fuller was deprived of coming in and scoring the fastest 100 in OD history one feels.

Good debut for G.

Butler's a freak.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah I'm a little surprised I never got a go with the ball.

Amazing stuff from Butler. Bit of a lacklustre chase though, could have paced it much better.


Hall of Fame Member
Kind of over Chaulk's and Stedman inability to click at International level. Fuller or Cloete may open soon if they don't step up.

Got no idea why Fuller didn't bowl. Might be time to work out some tactics in Pickup's absence. Need a vc asap as well, for squad selection and those said tactics.

Good debut by Sriram though.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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CW XI to play Australia

Dan Smith has been called up for the first time to Cricket Web XI grey. The Cricket Web Black batsman will replace his injured colleague, James Stedman, but will bat in the middle order, as budding superstar Sean Fuller is elevated to the top.

SE Fuller [Blue]
AP Chaulk [Black]
AP Cloete [Black]
CR Butler [Colts]
DP Smith [Black]
AJ Crampton (wk) [Blue]
LA Camps [Blue]
KR Clapham [Red]
KJ Gough [Black]
NS Pickup (c) [Black]
G Sriram [Blue]


Norwood's on Fire
I thought you would turn down any call-up that came your way unless it was in the offseason?

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Fifth match: Cricket Web XI vs Australia
at Pickford Reserve

Ball By Ball

The pride of CWLand as an unassailable fortress for limited overs cricket took a further blow today, as Cricket Web now rely on Australia to win the final match in order to have any chance of taking the Chairmen's Trophy. It was a spirited performance in a highly entertaining match, but ultimately, the lack of top class bowling proved to be the undoing of the XI again.

Australia bowled first, and two strikes from Brett Lee brought the in-form Butler in at an early stage. Butler didn't waste time, slashing six boundaries off the first 18 balls, and the Pickford crowd thought they were in for a special innings. Then, however, he dragged a wide one from Lee back on his stumps, Lee had his third wicket, and Cricket Web were staring down the barrel. It didn't help that Smith had an unremarkable debut, trapped lbw by Mitchell Johnson - the hosts were 76 for four and needed a spirited fightback.

Ash Chaulk had watched the carnage from the other end, and now tried to lead the fightback - he got to 77, a fine knock for an opener, but with the rest of the order having failed Cricket Web needed more. Liam Camps eventually compiled a laboured 51, always watchful of protecting the tail, though he was helped by a 21-ball vigil from Kev Gough to boost the total to 239 for nine.

Australia wasted no time in attacking the target, bashing Camps out of the attack after a mere three overs, and though wickets fell with regularity, runs came at an even faster rate. A masterclass from Michael Hussey settled things after Pickup had held a catch off Ponting to see the Aussies at 126 for four; Pickup bowled disappointingly poorly on a specially prepared home wicket, and Australia cruised home with the bonus point, the final ticket, the win in the preliminary stage and bucketloads of pride.

Cricket Web XI 239 for nine (50)
Chaulk 77, Camps 51*; Lee 4/57

Australia 243 for six (37.2)
Hussey 72*, Ponting 62

Australia won by four wickets
Man of the Match: B. Lee (Australia)

Table: Australia 13pts (W3), Cricket Web XI 7pts (W1 L3), Pakistan 5pts (W1 L2)

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
You know where you can shove your disclaimer, ****

This blows. Again, sorry for absence. However I may be getting workable internet soon... well Sky are now charging me for the phone line I never thought I even had... so I do have a phoneline... and I may actually be able to get Internet soon...


International Debutant
well that sucks

Why is this such a short series. Only playing everyone twice?

Id prefer a 5 game series personally


International 12th Man
Questionable decision to promote Fuller pays off.

Not the headline I read in the next days paper.

Disappointing to lose, hopefully Aus will win when we need them to.

Looked good after our first match...
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