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*Official* CW Grade Cricket discussion and results thread

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The CW Grade cricket tournaments will commence tonight, so that the first round of matches will not coincide with the Manuel Ramprakash Trophy final - as such, the opening round of matches will see all CW players turn out. The games will then carry on for 10 days, coinciding with the charity series - which is intended, as grade matches were designed for the players who doesn't get a game. The teams will compete for the Nibblets Grade Trophy in three-day cricket and the AA Grade Cup in one-day cricket, with the finals to be held on 13th and 14th of November - although they may be moved if they coincide with grade matches, as we wish everyone to be involved in the closing stages.

Both tournaments will have a structure with an initial group stage of three groups (one group of four and two of three) where the top three plus the best second-placed team (on points per game average, then on net run rate), will qualify for the semi-final knock-outs. The points system is attached, along with the schedule for the games.

Three-Day Groups:

Group A:

Gofftown Tigers
Stedingham Jets
Pickford Panthers
Davistow Darters

Group B:

Campsfield Braves
Garven Island Sharks
Edfield Seahawks

Group C:

Twybridge Titans
Nixonstown Foxes
Greater Robbham Grooters

One-day groups:

Group A:

Campsfield Braves
Davistow Darters
Twybridge Titans
Garven Island Sharks

Group B:

Edfield Seahawks
Pickford Panthers
Stedingham Jets

Group C:

Greater Robbham de Grooters
Gofftown Tigers
Nixontown Foxes

Without further ado, here are the official squads:

Campsfield Braves:

Name			Affiliation	Player Type
AJ Blackman		CW Black	opening batsman
LA Camps		CW Blue		all-rounder, seam
BM Chattha		amateur		rabbit, medium pace
AAA Collins		CW Blue		seam bowler
RSJ Das			amateur		medium pace
DY Dubb-Lynch		CW Black	wicket-keeper
PC Dunks		amateur		medium pace
DR Hasabnis		amateur		specialist batsman
LJ Harvey		amateur		wicket-keeper
EL Heath		retired		all-rounder, seam
PM Jacklin		amateur		medium pace
Jahangir Masood		amateur		spin all-rounder, occasional opening batsman
JJ Jadeja		amateur		rabbit, off break
Jamil Nazir		amateur		medium pace
KR Kode			retired		specialist batsman
RC Langdon		amateur		opening batsman, left-arm spin
RJ McEwan		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
J Toogood		retired		all-rounder, medium pace
MW Wilson		CW Black	all-rounder, pace
Davistow Darters:

RNG Bayley		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
KG Cassidy		amateur		off break
TN Chapman		amateur		opening batsman
DJ Comley		CW Colts	all-rounder, off break
Dawlat Ameer		amateur		opening batsman
Ehsan Ahsan		amateur		specialist batsman
M Gaukroger		retired		opening batswoman, wicket-keeper
NS Hoy			CW Green	pace bowler
DA Kearsley		CW Black	specialist batsman
DM Kennett		CW Red		pace bowler
TN McDonagh		amateur		opening batsman, wicket-keeper
LLAA Murdoch		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
RA Langley		CW Red		opening batsman, economical leg-spin
JDH Lawrence		amateur		rabbit
CA Naik			amateur		specialist batsman
NL Patrick		CW Blue		pace bowler
VH Pradeep		amateur		pace bowler
Waheed Ahmed		amateur		pace bowler
DJ Watt			CW Red		pace bowler
Edfield Seahawks:

UWMG Baber		amateur		wicket-keeper
PS Banik		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
ND Barnaby		amateur		opening batsman
P Bharat		CW Colts	specialist batswoman
NA Borcich		CW Red		pace bowler
NG Derick		amateur		off break
DM Galbraith		amateur		specialist batsman
Ghaffar Khan		amateur		specialist batsman
A Herbert		amateur		opening batsman
KF James		amateur		specialist batsman
MF Morton		amateur		medium pace
H Mørk			CW Red		opening batsman, wicket-keeper
G Nayak			CW Colts	specialist batsman, occasional pace
GN Nayak		CW Red		all-rounder, seam
DK Rai			CW Green	all-rounder, leg break
JE Sanders		retired		all-rounder, seam
GP Satish Kumar		amateur		specialist batsman
DP Towns		CW Colts	opening batsman
DP Tucker		CW Colts	all-rounder, off break
RS Whitehead		amateur		off break
Garven Island Sharks:

SSJ Bristow		amateur		medium pace
AP Cloete		CW Blue		specialist batsman
BC Cunningham		CW Green	all-rounder, pace
KC Das			amateur		medium pace
DC Edmondson		amateur		medium pace
T Evans			retired		all-rounder, seam
SG Fitzsimmons		CW Blue		opening batsman
AJ Garven		CW Green	specialist batsman, occasional keeper and medium pacer
APA Gregory		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
NBTK Hanbury		amateur		opening batsman
A Lezama		CW Green	opening batsman, wicket-keeper
MH Monaghan		amateur		wicket-keeper
DG Piper		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
DP Richards	 	CW Black	left arm spin
XPA Rose		CW Green	fast bowler
Shaukhat Shahzad	amateur		specialist batsman
SA Stuart		amateur		seam bowler
Tariq Ali		amateur		opening batsman
Gofftown Tigers:

RGEWS Cribb		CW Blue		opening batsman
JA Courtis		amateur		opening batsman
D Deeps			retired		specialist batsman
BJ Goff			CW Green	specialist captain...um...batsman
Jamaluddin Hossain	amateur		all-rounder, fast
S Jasotharan		CW Colts	wicket-keeper
MKE Hartley		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
EF Kipling		amateur		all-rounder, fast
A Knight		amateur		specialist point fielder
RJ Malone		CW Green	all-rounder, seam
JB Malthus-Howell	CW Colts	specialist batsman
NJ Masterman		amateur		seam bowler
Mohammad Mahmood	amateur		specialist batsman
D Muhaffy		retired		medium pace
SD Nash			amateur		specialist batsman
SRNA Patel		amateur		wicket-keeper
KI Thampi		amateur		fast bowler
GM Thomas		CW Colts	fast bowler
Nixontown Foxes:

DC Adhikari		amateur		specialist batsman
S Bhatia		retired		seam bowler
MJC Currie		CW Blue		all-rounder, off break
TW Dalton		amateur		wicket-keeper
BD Eccles		amateur		opening batsman
JWBW Flanaghan		amateur		specialist batsman
JR Gray			CW Red		wicket-keeper
RD Grierson		amateur		all-rounder, left arm spin
D Hoitink		retired		fast bowler
JJ Josy			CW Black	opening batsman
Laeeq Hamidullah	amateur		fast bowler
I Markus		CW Red		specialist batsman
E Moon			retired		specialist batsman
JJ Prestwidge		amateur		opening batsman
Riaz Wajid		amateur		opening batsman, fast bowler
DES Sanjeet		amateur		all-rounder, off break
Tushar Billa		amateur		specialist batsman
C Taylor		retired		fast bowler
IC Teisseire		amateur		specialist deep mid off fielder
Pickford Panthers:

CB Benjamin		CW Black	all-rounder, off break
LD Bhadauria		amateur		fast bowler
NC Bhattacharjee	amateur		opening batsman, off break
DRP Chopra		amateur		specialist batsman
LE ****erill		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
MW de Silva		CW Blue		all-rounder, fast bowler
Adil Dewan		retired		wicket-keeper
SE Fuller		CW Blue		all-rounder, fast bowler
TC Halsey		CW Blue		leg break
DJA Gokarn		amateur		specialist batsman
T Gould			retired		opening batswoman, medium pace
MA Hepworth		amateur		wicket-keeper
DB Jacob		amateur		specialist batsman
JJ McCrystal		amateur		fast bowler
NS Pickup		CW Black	leg break
LD Rabone		amateur		all-rounder, medium pace
JAH Richings		amateur		opening batsman, left-arm spin
CA Trafford		amateur		specialist batsman
PE Young		CW Blue		opening batsman, occasional wicket-keeper
Greater Robbham de Grooters:

MA Broadbridge		amateur		specialist batsman
A Buxton		amateur		specialist batsman
AP Chaulk		CW Black	wicket-keeper
RJ Dauth		CW Red		specialist batsman
GKK Dobson		CW Red		opening batsman
JA Finnegan		amateur		all-rounder, left arm spin
P Fisher		retired		all-rounder, fast
SR Fortune		amateur		specialist batsman
Z Ghansar		retired		all-rounder, seam
TPA Jervis		amateur		wicket-keeper
EE Lucas		amateur		opening batsman
CD McKern		CW Colts	fast bowler
PE Pardhasaradhi	amateur		medium pace
MJ Robbins		CW Red		all-rounder, medium pace
PR Sajith		CW Green	opening batsman
Sukhvinder Singh	amateur		specialist batsman
Tariq Khan		amateur		opening batsman
CR Palmer		amateur		specialist batsman
JW Tebbut		amateur		specialist batsman, medium pace
Stedingham Jets:

M Bala			amateur		fast bowler
SA Bennett		CW Red		all-rounder, leg break
CR Butler		CW Black	specialist batsman
AA Cameron		CW Green	fast bowler
LRC Chaudhari		amateur		specialist batsman
CN Deodhar		amateur		opening batsman
DRW Gillespie		amateur		medium pace
RJ Hingston		retired		all-rounder, leg break
MJ Hogarth		amateur		specialist batsman
DA Innes		amateur		wicket-keeper
Javed Shafiq		amateur		fast bowler
CL Kalmar		CW Black	all-rounder, off break
T Loganathan		CW Red		off break
T Mamesh		CW Colts	opening batsman, wicket-keeper
SK Petherick		amateur		specialist batsman
RF Prabhakar Rao	amateur		medium pace
RG Pratap		amateur		medium pace
JE Stedman		CW Red		opening batsman
HR Wallis		amateur		opening batsman
Twybridge Titans:

IS Amresh Kumar		amateur		specialist batsman
CH Bokey		amateur		specialist batsman
JB Brown		CW Colts	all-rounder, fast bowler
SJ Burke		CW Colts	opening batsman, wicket-keeper
AJ Buttsworth		amateur		all-rounder, fast bowler
A Crampton		CW Blue		opening batsman, wicket-keeper
RB Cotterill		amateur		fast bowler
DD Colabawala		amateur		specialist batsman
AS Das			CW Colts	opening batsman
N Dolphin		amateur		specialist batsman
HWR Gunn		amateur		opening batsman
LC Hale			amateur		opening batsman, wicket-keeper
NR Hancock		CW Colts	all-rounder, fast bowler
LR Joslin		amateur		opening batsman
JP McNamara		CW Colts	slow left arm 
VG Naidu		amateur		medium pace
RJ Twyman		retired		opening batsman
TV Weber		CW Green	all-rounder, leg break
EC White		amateur		fast bowler


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Hall of Fame Member
I presume that the Grade Cup semis and Final aren't actually FC, just 3D?

Could the Grade Cup be called the ClarkeWatch Sponsered 1st Grade Trophy?

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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Jamee999 said:
I presume that the Grade Cup semis and Final aren't actually FC, just 3D?

Could the Grade Cup be called the ClarkeWatch Sponsered 1st Grade Trophy?

1) Good spot. The CWBCC official responsible has been fired.

2) No. Nibblets paid more. :p


Hall of Fame Member
Jamee999 said:
I think this First-Class market monopoly the Nibblets has is ludicrous!
What First Class? I can't see no First Class cricket in this thread.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Opening round - Grade cricket


Tigers v Jets

[b]Gofftown Tigers		Stedingham Jets[/b]
RGEWS Cribb		+T Mamesh		
JA Courtis		JE Stedman
*BJ Goff		CR Butler
+S Jasotharan		RF Prabhakar Rao
RJ Malone		LRC Chaudhari
JB Malthus-Howell	*RJ Hingston
D Deeps			CL Kalmar
Jamaluddin Hossain	SA Bennett
D Muhaffy		T Loganathan
GM Thomas		M Bala
NJ Masterman		AA Cameron
Jasotharan was the hero in Gofftown, as the hosts rode off with the victory in the opening match of the grade season. The spin attack of the Stedingham team was blunted by Jasotharan, who smacked a ton in 91 balls - although he edged to first slip on 97, but there was no one there and Mamesh could only get his fingertips to it. Sean Bennett was entrusted with plenty of bowling on a flat pitch, and took three wickets, but the Tigers still made their way to 395. Chasing the total, Mamesh and Stedman smacked 22 in the first three overs, before Stedman slogged a ball down Jamaluddin's throat at mid on, and the second day belonged to the Tigers. Jamaluddin and Thomas shared out wickets as the Jets lost three men in fourteen minutes, and despite a rearguard 65 from captain Rich Hingston, the Jets could only muster 226. Following on, Mamesh and Stedman added 64 for the first wicket, but Mamesh was caught for 44 just before stumps on day 2. From then on, the Jets struggled, and Muhaffy and Jamaluddin finished them off for 174 amid the rain breaks. Courtis knocked off two fours in the second over, as the Tigers won easily.

Tigers 395 & 8-0 bt
Jets 226 & 174 (f/o) by ten wickets
Points: Tigers 26, Jets 1

Panthers v Darters

[b]Pickford Panthers	Davistow Darters[/b]
PE Young		Dawlat Ameer
T Gould			RA Langley
MA Hepworth		+M Gaukroger
MW de Silva		DA Kearsley
SE Fuller		CA Naik
CB Benjamin		DJ Comley
DB Jacob		NS Hoy
LE ****erill		VH Pradeep
+Adil Dewan		*DJ Watt
TC Halsey		DM Kennett
*NS Pickup		NL Patrick
Both teams' brittle batting line-up was exploited at the Pickford minefield, as the match between the Panthers and the Darters was over inside six hours. In the end, Peter Young was the hero as he negotiated a cracked pitch with unpredictable bounce to steer his team to the target. However, the match was action-packed in the six sessions of play. The first session saw the Darters race to 26 for 1 in 7 overs, before Fuller and de Silva dug in to have the Darters 55 for 4 at the end of their spell. Pickup then brought himself in, and with ****erill he inspired a collapse, as Kearsley was caught at second slip by Young and the Darters crashed to 80 for 8 at lunch, and an eventual total of 97. The Darters came back, as Dave Watt got two wickets with the first five balls of the match, but 15 extras and a gritty 31 from Sean Fuller gave the Panthers a 28-run first innings lead. Once again, the Darters threw away a good position, with Halsey taking three wickets as they crashed from 93 for 4 to a total of 121. The Panthers needed 94 to win, and were helped by the umpire and dropped catches. Young was probably lbw on 3, but the umpire gave him the benefit of the doubt, and he went on to make 31 not out, guiding the Panthers to a six-wicket win.

Darters 97 & 121 lost to
Panthers 125 & 94-4 by six wickets
Points: Panthers 25, Darters 3


Braves v Sharks

[b]Campsfield Braves	Garven Island Sharks[/b]
AJ Blackman		SG Fitzsimmons
+DY Dubb-Lynch		+DA Lezama
RC Langdon		AP Cloete
DR Hasabnis		NBTK Hanbury
*LA Camps		*AJ Garven
KR Kode			Shaukat Shahzad
J Toogood		BC Cunningham
MW Wilson		T Evans
EL Heath		DP Richards
AAA Collins		XPA Rose
JJ Jadeja		SA Stuart
Despite seven wickets each from CW internationals Liam Camps and Xavier Rose, neither side could force a victory at Campsfield, but the Sharks rode off with the points after a dominant performance from their middle order. Alex Blackman played a composed 82 to top-score, but the Braves failed to convert their good position at 108 for 1 as Tim Evans and Dave Richards stifled the middle order and Xavier Rose then took three wickets, helped by the second new ball in a second spell worth 6-1-23-3. The Sharks lost both openers cheaply, as the Braves' new-ball pairing of Camps and Wilson got good effect, but Andrew Cloete picked out the gaps for an exquisite 88. He was eventually caught off Camps, who finished off the Sharks to end with seven for 91, but Garven and Shaukhat Shahzad had hit half-centuries and the Sharks had gained a first-innings lead of 101. More rain on day three and slow batting from Camps and Kode meant that the match petered out to a draw.

Braves 257 & 308 drew with
Sharks 358 & 35-1
Points: Braves 5, Sharks 14


Titans v Foxes

Twybridge Titans	Nixontown Foxes
AS Das			JJ Josy
LR Joslin		JJ Prestwidge
HWR Gunn		I Markus
+A Crampton		*+JR Gray
RJ Twyman		E Moon
SJ Burke		MJC Currie
*TV Weber		DES Sanjeet
JB Brown		C Taylor
NB Hancock		S Bhatia
RB Cotterill		Riaz Wajid
JP McNamara		D Hoitink
In another low-scoring match, Twybridge Titans took on the clouds at their home ground to bat home the victory thanks to a match-best score from Colts batsman Arunava Das. The Foxes never got the hang of batting on the true pitch at Twybridge, and but for some lower order resistance, the result could have been much worse. First, new-ball bowler Cotterill dug out four catches in a spell reading 9-3-15-4. Then Nick Hancock continued the treatment, as the Foxes crashed from 55 for 5 at lunch to 79 for 9. However, a determined 30 from David Hoitink, not to mention Jamee Gray's composed (until he slogged one down the throat of Twyman at square leg) 45 brought the total up to 125. Corey Taylor immediately found the outside edge with the new ball for the Foxes, but captain and keeper Jamee Gray floored the sitter - and Das, the reprieved batsman, went on to make 41 before dragging an inswinger from Bhatia onto his stumps. He had put on 62 with Joslin, however, and the stage was set. A two-hour spell from Matt Currie yielded four wickets for 36, but the Titans still made 147, with Stephen Burke making the second-highest score with 27 not out. Batting again, the Foxes made 36 for the first wicket, and at 59 for 2 at stumps on day one they were pretty well positioned. They collapsed again, though, with Brown taking three wickets and inciting a crash to 103 for 8. However, Sanjeet put on 71 with Bhatia for the ninth wicket, and the Titans were set a tricky 154 to win. Das played an excellent innings, however, waiting for the sun to come out before he took on the bowlers. He was eventually lbw to Taylor for 50, but by that time the Titans were 121 for 3 and easing home. Alex Crampton also made 32 not out as the Titans made their way to 154 for 3 and a seven-wicket win.

Foxes 125 & 175 lost to
Titans 147 & 154-3 by seven wickets
Points: Titans 23, Foxes 3


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Mr Mxyzptlk

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superkingdave said:
boring boring Braves
I dunno. This was pretty exciting:

D.P. Richards          ct Dubb-Lynch        b Camps                2    9  0 0
Unplayable really. It's a miracle you were skilled enough to touch it at all.


Hall of Fame Member
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
I dunno. This was pretty exciting:

D.P. Richards          ct Dubb-Lynch        b Camps                2    9  0 0
Unplayable really. It's a miracle you were skilled enough to touch it at all.

I didn't, in fact i'd actually played a trescothickesque leave and the ball was perhaps six inches away from the bat, tbh i thought it was a borderline wide, but i suppose you have to accept these kind of decisions in Campsfield, there were a couple of nailed on LBW's that got turned down aswell, i guess the white stick factory is still doing a roaring trade round there.



First Class Debutant
Jeez, my blocking skills came uip again. Must have played and missed millions of times!

And I have bowling figures like Brett Lee.....got smashed by the Tigers!

Surely it was flat pitch when the Tigers were batting.....and a dangerous one when the Jets were batting...... :p


Cricketer Of The Year
Good game Titans! its an honour to be your captain!
Hancock,Brown,Cotterill bowled brilliant!
and awesome batting from Das, and he had good support from Gunn Campton and Twyman.
nice little knock from Burke too.