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OFFICIAL Cricketweb Premiership Stats Thread!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The only GK with a conceded-games ratio of less than 1. Still can't make team of the week.


International Captain
I'm just one goal behind Kennett and two behind Goughy. I knew they were going to have slow weeks soon.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Yeah, I did all this, I`m so amazing. You all wish you were me. Everyone else is gay.

Dinu`s career is off to a gun start.

Great work Blewy. :)


Hall of Fame Member
Good to see Andy right up there in passes, Pete up there in tackes and Blake at the top of the saves.

Just need a few more guys to step and we will be hard to stop.

Most say Roberts is playing pretty well.


Hall of Fame Member
How did Ganea (WES) jump 2000 performance points in that last game (11700 to 13700).

Fair play if he did as its a big acheivement but having a quick look, I cant see how its possible.

What did I miss?